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Angelic Reiki Healing

What is Angelic Reiki Healing?

Angelic Reiki Healing is a powerful method of healing that works with the highest engeries of the Angelic realm to connect us with our higher selves.

Who can receive Angelic Reiki?

Anyone can receive this healing and i offer both in person and distance healing appointments.

What happens at an appointment?

The appointment takes around an hour and for the first part i will answer any questions the client has and explain the session. Clients have an option to be in a sitting or lying down position (whichever they feel most comfortable with) and fully clothed. I will channel the Angelic healing energy through my hands and simply be the bridge from the Angels to the client. I am there to hold the space and the healing will be perfect for each individual clients needs. Distance healing sessions are equally as powerful and are much the same except that the client is not physically present. Each person’s experience is unique and what you may feel varies but i have listed some of the benefits of Angelic Reiki Healing on this site. After the healing session, the effects can last for a few weeks.


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Cost of Healing

Treatments start at £30 and includes a crystal charged with Angelic Healing for you to take home with you

Benefits of Angelic Reiki Healing

Strengthens Self-Esteem

Reduces Anxiety

Releases Stress and Tension

Balances Energies in the Body

Raises Your Vibration

Relieves Depression

Hightens Self-Awareness and Intuition